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We invite you to celebrate the National Advertisement Day: 23.10.2015 — thank you for being with us!

Dear colleagues, customers, and of course, our favorite, competitors and spiteful critics! On this marvelous day We invite you to celebrate the National Advertisement Day, because advertisement is little, yet irreplaceable "engine of progress." Just as the founder of this wonderful tradition. Few people know, but the idea is to make October 23 a holiday belongs to ordinary student - Alan Ardasenov who landed his very first advertisement bid on that date. His very first Advertisement Day he was celebrating by himself, however, 7 years later this day made its mark on every calendar in every advertising agency in Russia, and the student Alan became CEO of his own company. 23october2015Friends, the agency «TRIUMPH MEDIA» is grateful that you’ve been with us the past year. Your thoughtfulness and support became a rescue beacon in the time of difficulties, interesting projects and cookies gave us strength to keep moving forward in spite of the circumstances. Without further ado, the entire staff of the agency (including evergreen four-leaf clover - our symbol of good luck) salutes you on this wonderful holiday. We wish you
  • Significant Increase in Sales;
  • Affable Partners and clients;
  • Composure and perseverance (we’d be doomed without it);
  • Continuous growth;
  • And last, but not least – never-ending attention of your targeted audience!
Let us strive together to ensure that in next year today numbers of projects we’ve started together (and, especially, completed) increased exponentially! Happy Advertisement Day friends!

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