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Any advertising project — a creative process in which, like in any sport, a victory of an athlete depends on a whole team of professionals: trainers, doctors and assistants … All these professionals remain in the shadows; and publicly — the victory belongs only to the champion.

And we always remain in the shadow of our clients and customers, because the goal of TRIUMPH MEDIA — is, first of all, your success. We are pleased to see the results of our work in the city, in the main motorways and federal highways of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.  Most road signs — are projects of TRIUMPH MEDIA, numerous billboards — also TRIUMPH MEDIA…
In town we have designed hundreds of display windows, we decorated buildings with illuminated signs. Not a single project of ours has caused any complaints from the authorities, and this means that while executing the orders of our customers, we keep true to the standards and regulations … and this is a big part of our success.

We are confident that the importance and value of our services, is in providing real noticeable benefits.

We know that even in sports, the high achievements of any champion is hard work of a whole team of professionals, and the formula for success is only accessible for understanding to the true wise men. To be successful, does not necessary mean — to be famous.

Our services

Advertisement on road signs

Placing static outdoor advertising

Dynamic outdoor advertising

Production of outdoor advertising

Coordination and obtaining permits from accredited authorities

Printing and Graphic printing products

Souvenir and exhibition products

Additional services


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